My Fisrt Game – How to outsource art for your game using freelancing sites

Hi. This is the fourth post I’m writing about how I published my first game.

In the previous one I’ve wrote about how I’ve defined the assets I would need for the game.

I’m not designer so I was decided to hire a professional to do all the art for me.

There are some issues I should address:

  • where would I find them?
  • how to chose the best one and still keep my budget?
  • how to specify what I need?
  • how to pay? In advance? I don’t think so.

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Adding emulators to MOTODEV Studio for Android

MOTODEV Studio for Android is an Eclipse IDE customized by Motorola to ease the development of Android applications.

One could use the Eclipse + Google’s ADT plugin but I think MOTODEV Studio is far better than Eclipse IDE + ADT Plugin solution.

In this post I will show you how to

  • download Motorola-specific handset emulators
  • add emulators to the development environment
  • configure emulators in order to run them at the same size than real devices

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My Fisrt Game – Defining which assets were needed

The last post I told you how I decided which game I’d develop. Moreover, I’ve explained how I wish to represent the game in the mobile device.

To recap, Even or Odd rules are::
– there are two players. One designated even and the other one designated odd. One player is a human being and the other is a robot.

– each one can show any number of fingers between zero and five.

– the sum of both fingers is either an even or an odd number. This defines who won.

To represent all possible hands each player could chose I would need at least five hands. But it would be a little confusing to show both users hands pointing to the same side.

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