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Why Thymeleaf tags are being interpreted as text instead of being processed?

These days I came across Thymeleaf.  It seemed a wonderful template engine so I started playing with it. I created a tiny project which involved just a template and some messages (for internationalization). I came across a (newbie) problem: Thymeleaf … Continue reading

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How to solve error LookupError: Entry point ‘main’ not found in egg ‘tutorial’ on Pyramid projects

This week I started studying pyramid. Following the great tutorial they provide, I got stuck with the following error:

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Error compiling for flash on Openfl: Class not found : flash.system.LoaderContextHelp

Some days ago I tried to compile a sample project using HaxeFlixel library and I got the error message:

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How to put a background image in a panel in wxWidgets

These days I was working in a program that will use wxWidgets framework. Basically, the application will have many panels and all of them must have a background image. In my mind I had 2 options: for each panel I … Continue reading

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The blog is back on air.

Today I restaured my old backup (from April 22nd, 2014). I had to move from one hosting to another and I forgot to make a backup of the blog prior to cancel my hosting account. Shame on me!

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BitmapFont project updated to run on Openfl

Today I updated the BitMapFont project from Zaphod in order to it compile on new version of openfl (currently it’ for NME library). I tested it with Flash, HTML5 and Android and it seems to be working as the original … Continue reading

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WordPress Arcade Theme – ArcadeBB v4.0.3 (FREE)

ArcadeBB is a great arcade sites theme for WordPress. Unfortunately its development ceased some years ago. Nevertheless this fact, many people still are looking for it. If you’re one of these people, you’re a lucky guy. I have it.

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How to solve “error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>_”

Sometime ago I installed Ububtu on my brand new machine. For some reasons I decided to remove Linux and install Windows 7. Everything worked fine until recently when my machine refused to boot showing the error message

This problem … Continue reading

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Box Game – Physics and skill in the same game

I’m so happy to announce my new game: Box Game. It’s a physics game that will challenge your skills: You have 30s to complete the level by putting boxes in the right spots. Take a look at the video then … Continue reading

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More games for you to play online and on your Android mobile phone

Now I’m sharing my other 2 games (puzzle / skill) developed using Adobe Air. They can be played online or downloaded to Android mobile phones. The games were made using Adobe Air.

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