Development Enviroment

A power surge later, not only I had to buy a new no-break, a new power supply and a new HD but I had to reinstall all my programs.

As I develop for both Windows and Linux platforms, I install both operating systems on my machine. To easy my work I have a list of all I have to install to make my life easier.

Just as a curiosity, I’m writing this post to show all tools I use.Do you have a tool you think is essential? Please, let me know.

  Development Environment
Tool Windows Linux
7-zip yes yes
Adobe PDF Reader yes yes
AndEngine yes yes
Android NDK yes yes
Android SDK yes yes
Ant yes yes
Antenna yes yes
Bazaar yes yes
Chrome yes yes
Cpp Check yes yes
Cpp lint yes yes
Doxygen yes yes
Dropbox yes yes
Eclipse + CDT yes yes
Filezilla yes yes
Firebug plugin for Firefox yes yes
Firefox yes yes
Flash Develop yes no
Google Test yes yes
Gimp yes yes
Git yes yes
GMousetool no yes
GnuPG yes yes
GnuPG for Win yes no
Graphviz yes yes
GrepWin yes no
Imagemagic yes yes
Inkscape yes yes
Java JDK yes yes
Java JRE yes yes
JDE BlackBerry yes yes
kdiff3 no yes
MOTODEV Studio for Android yes yes
Motorola SDK for J2ME yes no
Mousetool yes no
MySQL yes yes
Nokia S40 SDK yes no
Nokia S60 SDK yes no
Open Office yes yes
OpenVPN yes yes
Oracle yes yes
PDF Creator yes no
Perl yes yes
pgAdmin yes yes
Pidgin yes yes
Playbook SDK yes yes
Playbook Simulator yes yes
pngutils yes yes
PostgreSQL yes yes
Process Monitor yes no
Proguard yes yes
Putty yes no
Python yes yes
QT SDK yes yes
Ruby yes yes
Skype yes yes
SQL Server yes yes
Sun SDK for J2ME yes yes
TortoiseSVN yes no
Truecrypt yes yes
Valgrind no yes
Vim yes yes
Visual Studio Express yes no
WinMerge yes no
Workrave yes yes


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