My Fisrt Game – Choosing the game to be developed

In the last post I wrote how I chose the platform and the framework that I’d use for developing my games. Now I’m going to write how I decide which game I would develop.

I’ve developed softwares for CTI, such as IVRs, dialerssecure authentication, system integration, some web crawlers, among others, but I’ve never developed games.

I no nothing about this. I just know that I like them and I’d like to make my own games.

As I need hand holding with this kind of stuff I decided to start from the simplest game. Bellow are the premises:

  • the game should have a static background. Scrolling will be learned in the future.
  • all sprites should be static. No animation at this point.
  • no sound at all.
  • a single player game. No network. Neither bluetooth nor TCP (wifi, 3G, whatever).
  • the simplest artificial intelligence.

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My Fisrt Game – Introduction


Now that EvenOrOdd is published I will write a series of articles explaining the process of my first game development. I will do it hoping to help anyone that like me wants to develop for the mobile platform and don’t know how to start.

I’m planning to split articles as follow:

  • Introduction (this post):
    • how did I decide which platform I would first develop
    • what framework I would use (if any)
  • what kind of game I would develop and its features.
  • how to hire a graphic artist.
  • monetization strategy.
  • marketing:
    • hot site.
    • twitter
    • forums
    • posts asking for beta testers
    • forum posts asking for reviews
    • post about the game

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My First Game is available to download

My first #android #game is available to download on @slideme. Guys at @slideme were too fast!

The same day that I sent the program to @slideme they reviewed the program and they made it ​​available for download.

As I’ve wrote here EvenOrOdd was sent to Shop4Apps but they will take up to 10 business days to give me an answer. @slideme is great!

Could you give it a try and then let me know what you think? Yeah? Great! You can download EvenOrOdd here.

Publicizing the site – First attempt

As the owner of a one man enterprise and a wannabe indie developer, I’m in charge of everything: product ideas, development, marketing, site promotion and so on.

One of the worst thing to me is the feeling to be speaking to no one. And, to say the truth, it’s happening right now (well, almost. There are around 3 new unique visitors a day up to now).

But it’s normal as this site is pretty new and there is almost no content. I working hard and as much as I can I publish some stuff here.

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Applying to a telecommuting job

I’m working full time as a contractor and at night and in the weekends I’m working on my own projects for Plicatibu.

My work as a contractor is really nice: I develop in C/C++, Java (for both Android and J2ME mobile phones), C#, work with Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server databases.

In the enterprise I’m working as a contractor, we develop software for secure authentication, secure file transfer and other stuff related to security. We develop both the server side and the clients. I have even ported an C/C++ application to Mainframe.

Its team is very good and I learn a lot with them. I like that environment so much that I’m working with them since May 2006. It’s a long time.

The only problem is that São Paulo has one of the worst traffic jam in the world. I’m expending around 4 hour per day to commute to home. It’s too bad because I don’t have time to my family, to my own projects nor to rest and enjoy my free time (free time? It’s expended on traffic jam).

A good solution would be to work at home. Telecommuting (or home-office, as we say in Brazil) would be great. Unfortunately the managers don’t like the idea of telecommuting.

These days I came across an opportunity to get a telecommute wok. The first think I did was a research about the enterprise that’s offering the job.

It’s in the market since 2003, has many good clients. It’s good because it demonstrates that its solid.

I’ve read about its mission, vision and values. I identified myself with them. That’s great because I can’t work at an enterprise that is not aligned with my views of the world.

Next step was to discover what technologies they use. That was easy because they state clearly what technologies they’re working.

It was amazing to see that they work with the state-of-art. There are a lot of things I can learn with them.

The first step to apply to the job was to develop an application that would post my location on twitter. I did it (you can find it here). What I liked more about this is that I got 2 ideas that I’m going to develop.

The second step was to post an article about my education, my hobbies, books, motivation, and so on, that made me apply to this position.

What you’re reading right now is the second step. As you can see the first thing I wrote about was the motivation. Now I’m going to write about the other topics. But don’t worry: I’ll be very concise.

  • Education: I’m Electronics Engineer and I’ve a MBA in Industrial Automation.
  • Hobbies: I love to go to the beach, I love to swim, to read and to travel. And I need to mention that I’m an Electronics hobbyist.
  • Books: I like classic books. Especially Brazilian writers (Machado de Assis, José de Alencar).
  • Sports: I like to swim (I’ve already said it, right ?). I swim twice a week. 4 times a week I practice hydro gymnastics. I’d prefer to swim every day instead of having hydro gymnastics but it would be too expensive 🙁
  • Preferences: What kind of preferences are they talking about? I have no idea, so let me say some of them:
    • I prefer to stay with my family than with friends.
    • I prefer to read a book instead of watching TV.
    • I prefer hot places instead of the cold ones.
    • I prefer to say the truth than lie. If you can’t stand with the truth don’t ask anything because I won’t lie just to make you happy 🙂
    • I prefer to be a software developer than an engineer.
    • I prefer Linux than any other O.S. 🙂

Now I’m going to the third step: I need to twit about this post.

I really hope they will like my profile. Anyway I will publish here the result.


TwitMyPlace is a prof-of-concept of a product I want to develop.

At this moment it is neither polished nor ready for daily use but it’s working and I’m able to verify some very interesting points about both GPS and tweeter integration.

You can download it here.

As soon as TwitMyPlace gets ready for real usage, I will publish it on Android Market.

Would you like to be notified? Do you have any question? Fell free to contact me: [email protected].