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Development Enviroment

A power surge later, not only I had to buy a new no-break, a new power supply and a new HD but I had to reinstall all my programs. As I develop for both Windows and Linux platforms, I install … Continue reading

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My second game for Android is available: Morra MatchSticks

My second game, Morra MatchSticks was released today. It’s available on Android Market. Please, give it a try. Tweet

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Choose the framework and language that best fits your needs for gaming development

I’m getting more and more confused about so many (amazing) options available for mobile development. In the beginning I’ve came across andengine, libGDX, cocos2d for iPhone. These frameworks are platform specific. Tweet

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My Fisrt Game – Defining which assets were needed

The last post I told you how I decided which game I’d develop. Moreover, I’ve explained how I wish to represent the game in the mobile device. To recap, Even or Odd rules are:: – there are two players. One … Continue reading

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My Fisrt Game – Introduction

Hi. Now that EvenOrOdd is published I will write a series of articles explaining the process of my first game development. I will do it hoping to help anyone that like me wants to develop for the mobile platform and … Continue reading

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My first game is almost in the market

@inneractive ‘s QA approved my first #android #game. Now I’m submitting it to #Shop4apps. It’s simple causal game developed with #andengine. Tweet

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A book about game development using AndEngine

AndEngine is an awesome engine to develop games on android platform. I love it. Moreover, AndEngine has a wonderful community. You can rest assured that you’ll find help anytime you need it. To make things better, Richard A. Rogers will … Continue reading

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Not all characters are shown when using MenuScene

These days I was studying how to use the AndEngine‘s MenuScene. What is this good for? It’s good to make a menu with floating text over the screen, as shown in picture 1. It looks nice, doesn’t it? Picture 1 … Continue reading

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First steps

At the moment I’m studying Android and AndEngine APIs and I’m developing a very simple causal game just for fun and to apply all I’m learning. As far as I got it ready I’ll post it here. Tweet

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