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How to install and configure NME on MS Windows

My intention here is to help you install and configure HaxeNME for Windows. First of all, go here and download and install FlashDevelop. You may not have the intention to release Flash games but you will need it for debugging. … Continue reading

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Developing with cocos2d-x for android on Linux

These days I came across a project named cocos2d-x. It’s a port of cocos2d game engine to C++ that allow us to use the same source code to generate versions for iPhone, Android, MS Window (32 bits) and WoPhones. In … Continue reading

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Adding emulators to MOTODEV Studio for Android

MOTODEV Studio for Android is an Eclipse IDE customized by Motorola to ease the development of Android applications. One could use the Eclipse + Google’s ADT plugin but I think MOTODEV Studio is far better than Eclipse IDE + ADT … Continue reading

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