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How to add AirPush ads into my Adobe Air games?

So you want to monetize your game but don’t want to use AdMob? Do you prefer to use AirPush because its high CPM? That’s easy on both native Android and native iPhone SDKs. But is it possible to integrate AirPush … Continue reading

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How to add AdMob ads into my Adobe Air games?

So you made your great game for Android / iPhone using Adobe Air and want to make some money from it? Is it possible to use AdMob ads with them? – you may be wondering. Of course it is. Tweet

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How to develop games for iPhone without a Mac

Hi. Many people would like to develop for iPhone, iPad and Mac but don’t have enough money to buy a Mac (me included). Tweet

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From publisher to advertiser – part 1

Many of you guys who have a site or that developed for mobile (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Playbook, webOS, and so on) know what a publisher is. So do I. And what about the advertiser role? Do you have ever had … Continue reading

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Hey, I found out a nice project: Haxe NME

On March 17 read a very interesting post titled The mobile cross-platform developmentĀ headache. Tweet

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100 cocos2d recipes to ease your life

Today I bought an amazing book about cocos2d. Amazing? Yes. You may be wondering why. Let me tell the reason: it has 100 recipes ready for use. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in order to solve day-to-day … Continue reading

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Choose the framework and language that best fits your needs for gaming development

I’m getting more and more confused about so many (amazing) options available for mobile development. In the beginning I’ve came across andengine, libGDX, cocos2d for iPhone. These frameworks are platform specific. Tweet

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My Fisrt Game – Introduction

Hi. Now that EvenOrOdd is published I will write a series of articles explaining the process of my first game development. I will do it hoping to help anyone that like me wants to develop for the mobile platform and … Continue reading

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