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How to solve “error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>_”

Sometime ago I installed Ububtu on my brand new machine. For some reasons I decided to remove Linux and install Windows 7. Everything worked fine until recently when my machine refused to boot showing the error message

This problem … Continue reading

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Development Enviroment

A power surge later, not only I had to buy a new no-break, a new power supply and a new HD but I had to reinstall all my programs. As I develop for both Windows and Linux platforms, I install … Continue reading

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Cocos2d-x expands support to Windows 8 Metro

Yesterday cocos2d-x announced they’re supporting Windows 8 Metro. Tweet

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How to develop games for iPhone without a Mac

Hi. Many people would like to develop for iPhone, iPad and Mac but don’t have enough money to buy a Mac (me included). Tweet

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Hey, I found out a nice project: Haxe NME

On March 17 read a very interesting post titled The mobile cross-platform development headache. Tweet

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How to debug cocos2d-x and Java code using Eclipse

In the post Developing with cocos2d-x for android on Linux I told you how to compile your cocos2d-x and run it on Eclipse. Now I’m going to tell you how to debug both cocos2d-x native code and Java using MOTODEV … Continue reading

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