Why my Adobe Air game fails with error INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK when I try to install it into real devices?

So you developed your great Android application using Adobe Air, it runs fine on emulator but it doesn’t install on your real device? And the error issued is

I came across this error too and it happened to a brand new Android device running API 17.

After a lot of research, I found out my device isn’t supported by Adobe. You can check here whether your device is supported.

If you’re incorporating Adobe Air into your apk (and I’m pretty sure you are), I recommend you to remove it and let the user install it under demand.

Once you remove the Adobe Air from the apk file, he/she will be sucessfully installed into the real device.

So, whenener the user tries to run your game, it will receive a notification from Android system saying he/she needs to install Adobe Air.

And that’s good. Why? Because right after user tried to install Adobe Air the installation process will fail and Android will them him/her that his/her device isn’t supported by Adobe.

It will save you the hassle to have many bad reviews saying your game doesn’t work. Users will blame Adobe, not you.

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  • Rachanad

    Try to complete uninstall and then install it again. Go to adb shell and then remove your application APK from data/data directory. and then install into device. If you are interested in Developing Adobe Air Applications than click here. :
    Thank you.