How to solve error parsing XML unbound prefix with AdMob

Since the day before yesterday I was trying to integrate AdMob into one of my projects but I was stuck with the errors bellow:

You can see in picture picture 1 that Eclipse / MOTODEV was complaining about AdMob component.

Picture 1 – Error parsing xml layout file that contains AdMob component

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How to install Motorola Xoom emulator

Motorola offers a bunch of emulators whose skins look like their real devices.

Technically they’re not needed in order to develop / test your android applications. You could stick with default android emulators.
I personally prefer to use emulators with skins of real devices so I feel happier 🙂

Today I tried to install Motorola ZOOM’s emulator and I faced a small problem: for XOOM, Motorola offers just a skin. In this post I will tell you the problem I faced and the solution. Continue reading “How to install Motorola Xoom emulator”

Make money by shortening your urls

For a living I use my skills to develop software (whether mobile or not). This does not mean that I can not or will not add new sources of income.

Quite the contrary. Any new source of income that I can add without it requiring too many time and effort of me is welcome.

The sources of extra income, in my view, need not generate huge amounts of money. They can generate low value. What they can not in any way is to consume my time. Continue reading “Make money by shortening your urls”