Plicatibu Software Development Ltda is Marcio Andrey Oliveira – a one-man operation. I’m developing since the 90′s.

I’ve been developing softwares for Telecommunication and Security industries since 2000 but what I really wanted to do was to run my own game company.

The problem was that I knew nothing about game development. So I decided to learn all I could about the theme.

While I was surfing on the net I came across some indies and I made my mind: I would learn how to do games.

At the moment I have a full day work as a contractor and on my spare time I work hard to make Plicatibu be a success.

I do everything – including game development, tech support, the web site, any marketing that may or may not ever occur, the books and finances, coffee, and anything else you can imagine. That’s why new releases seem to take a while.

Anyway, Plicatibu is more than an enterprise. It’s my dream getting true.

You can: