Annual income report – 2012

It’s the earnings report of my first year. Well, in July 2011 I published my first game (Even Or Odd), and on November 2011 I released my Second games (Morra MatchSticks). Both run on Android.I came across BlackBerry Playbook and I found out it was an amazing tablet then I ported Even Or Odd to run on Playbook and released it on March 2012.

I didn’t make much money with my games but I can’t complain because:

I hope you enjoy developing as much as I do. 🙂

My earnings come from ads on my games for mobiles and from ads in the site (which includes my URL shortening and AdSense).

Are you wondering about shortening urls ? Read more about it here.

Well,  let me show you the money 🙂

Ads in the games for mobile: $57.31

Ads in the site: $ 22.67

Grand total: $ 79.98

I can’t make a living yet but I’m pretty satisfied.

My next reports won’t have graphics because it’s too much work. I will simply tell you values.

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