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Bananas Factory


  • Android
  • J2ME


  • Registration fee – No.
  • Do you need to pay to submit applications? No.
  • Do you need a certificate: No.
  • Revenue share (developer/appstore): 75%/25%.

Payment options:

  • Paypal

Estimated time to delivery payments: ?

Countries Sales – Egypt, Italy, Pakistan.


  • Accept paid applications – Yes
  • Accept freemium applications (free apps with in-app purchases ) – Yes
  • Accept free ad-supported applications – Yes
  • Accept demo applications – ?
  • Adult content? – No.
  • Requires Tax ID information? – No

Client billing: ?

How long does the approval / rejection process: ?

Content accepted:

  • applications and games.

What do you need to submit an application / game?

Short Description: 40 characters

Description: 512 characters

App name: 120 characters

app icon: 40×40 and 80×80 only gif.

app screenshots: –

app size (maximum):  Unspecified

main screen: ? No

promotional image: ? No

You can see the full list of application stores here.
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