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App store details

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • webOS
  • Windows Phone


  • Registration fee – No.
  • Do you need to pay to submit applications? No.
  • Certificate: No.
  • Developer revenue share: either 85/25% or 100% for developer (for a fee of USD 29.99/yr).

Payment options:

  • paypal

Estimated time to delivery payments: ?

Countries: ?


  • Accept paid applications – Yes
  • Accept freemium applications (free apps with in-app purchases ) – Yes
  • Accept free ad-supported applications – Yes
  • Accept demo applications – Yes
  • Adult content? – No.
  • Requires Tax ID information – No
  • One-off billing: No
  • Subscription billing: No
  • In-app billing: No

Billing methods: Paypal

How long does the application submission process take? On time.

Content accepted:

  • applications and games.

What do you need to submit an application / game?

Short Description: up to 80 characters

Description: up to 4000 characters

Application name: up to 30 characters

Application icon: >= 150×150 px png, gif or jpg

Application screenshots: Up to 4. Unspecified image size

Application size (maximum): There is no file size limit on app uploads for
housing. You may chose between submit your apk to them in order to enable direct download or you may link to any place in the web, including other app stores like Google Market.

Application category: yes.

Main screen: One of the screenshots.

Link to video: Yes. GiveMeApps does allow for Video Links on Developer Profiles. You can enter your YouTube URLs to embed product demonstration videos. When a user visits your profile, they can view as many videos as you would like them to. They can also directly visit your Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds directly from your profile.


GiveMeApps also allow for advertising, and have options for paid written and video reviews by their writers and vloggers (options exist on the SUBMIT APP age) as well as promotional opportunities via their Gig which will allow for YouTube promotion (they will record a 3min video for you), also Promised YouTube subscription, Promised Views, Promotion on our Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot pages all for affordable prices.

My own experience:

Every time I needed to call its support they solved my problem in a short time.

I recommend GiveMeApps.

You can see the full list of application stores here.

Edited: I’ve updated some previous information. Thank you Harold Everton (from GiveMeApps) for correcting me.

Disclaimer: Information provided on an “As Is, As Available” basis. with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility.

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