BitmapFont project updated to run on Openfl

Today I updated the BitMapFont project from Zaphod in order to it compile on new version of openfl (currently it’ for NME library).

I tested it with Flash, HTML5 and Android and it seems to be working as the original version.

I also submitted him a pull request. While he doesn’t accept it you can get the project from here.

I hope it helps someone.

All kudos for Zaphod for providing such useful library. Any problem in this new version is my fault.

How to install and configure NME on MS Windows

My intention here is to help you install and configure HaxeNME for Windows.

First of all, go here and download and install FlashDevelop. You may not have the intention to release Flash games but you will need it for debugging. Continue reading “How to install and configure NME on MS Windows”