Error compiling for flash on Openfl: Class not found : flash.system.LoaderContextHelp

Some days ago I tried to compile a sample project using HaxeFlixel library and I got the error message:

After some tries to figure out what was happening I decide to check whether a basic sample from Openfl could be successfully compiled or not. In case it were compiled successfuly then the problem would be with my HaxelFlixel project. Otherwise, it would be a problem with Openfl.

After the tests I narrowed down the problem to something related to Openfl. I searched for help on Google and asked for help on Openfl forum. As I got no response, I decide to reinstall all libraries and everything started working again.

So, in case you come across this error or other mysterious problems (say, a project that compiled stops compiling for no reason), try the following:

Create a basic Openfl project as follow:

openfl create PiratePig

Test it:

Take note of the results because the information collected will be vary valuable. ¬†For sure people will ask you if you’ve performed this test prior to trying help you and it’s better to have done your homework, right?


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