From publisher to advertiser – part 1

Many of you guys who have a site or that developed for mobile (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Playbook, webOS, and so on) know what a publisher is. So do I.

And what about the advertiser role? Do you have ever had this experience?

I haven’t. Up to now! Yesterday I decided to try the other side: how stuff works for advertisers? What work? What doesn’t? What’s the best way to advertise?

What’s the motivation for that?

I wrote here about my free on-line games site. I hope to make some money by showing ads that (hopefully) will be useful for users and they will click on them.

To make some money I’d need a huge number of users visiting the site. So, I decided to invest in advertising.

Note: the value paid for publishers is too low when compared to value paid by advertisers. So, for an ad based revenue strategy,as I’m adopting to my free on-line games site, it doesn’t worth the advertising costs. But I want to learn and I have an excuse to expend some money (I need to increase the site traffic) but don’t tell this to my wife 😉

There are two kind of marketing campaigns: pay-per-click (also known as Cost per click) and pay-per-impression.

You decide in advance how much to spend, that is how many clicks or impressions you’re willing to pay.

In pay-per-click you’re charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.

In pay-per-impression you pay for a predetermined number of impressions, regardless of the ad is clicked or not.

My doubt is: what’s more advantage? pay-per-click ? pay-per-impression ? I’m pretty sure the answer varies according to your business.

Moreover, what’s the most efficient advertising program? AdWords? Facebook Ads? Another one?

I decided to make the following experiment:

I contacted a local advertising program (I’m in Brazil) and set 2 campaigns: one is a pay-per-click and the other is a pay-per-impression.


  • Attract users to play in the site.

Target audience

  • Gender: Both men and women (it’s not possible to specify a gender with the advertising program I picked up. It’s a pity).
  • Location: São Paulo / SP
  • Interested in: Games

Campaign details and budget

Campaign Value What Duration
pay-per-click USD 10.61 10 20 clicks 5 days
pay-per-impression USD 10.61 33,330 impressions 5 days

Both campaigns will show exactly the same banners and use the same keywords.

The pay-per-click campaign started on April 27th and ends on April 30th.

The pay-per-impression campaign starts on May 1st and ends on May 5th.

I’m willing to post the results here as far as both campaigns end. Stay tunned.

PS: Bellow you can see the banners I’m using. Note: It’s writing Play for Free! (Jogue de Graça!) and Play for Free Now! (Jogue de Graça Agora!) in Brazilian Portuguese.

You may click in the images to see their real size.


468×60 px

120×600 px

798×90 px

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