From publisher to advertiser – part 2

In the last post I talked about the first experiment as advertiser. Now I’m publishing the results.

The first campaign was a pay-per-click type. The second one was a pay-per-impression type.

Now it’s time to see the result.

As you can see in table 1, a pay-per-impression campaign performed better than the pay-per-click campaign in terms of number of clicks (at least for me).

Campaign Value What Duration (days) Views Clicks / Views (%) Cost / Click (USD)
pay per click USD 10.61 20 clicks 5 3,291 0.61 1.06
pay per impression USD 10.61 33,335 impressions 16 33,335 0.29 0.11

 Table 1 – Comparison between pay-per-click and pay-per-impression campaigns


Table 2 give us an idea about who visualized our impressions.

Male (%) Female (%) Unknown (%)
64.26% 20.31% 15.43%

Table 2 – Viewers by gender


Next table shows which age range got interested in the ads and then clicked in the banners.

0 – 17 18 – 24 25 – 34 35 – 49 50+
9 58 19 9 1

 Table 3 – Clicks per user age.


I’m a little surprised when I saw statistics about the number of clicks / banner format. I thought banner which size is 728×90 would get the highest number of clicks but it won’t clicked anytime.

I’m wondering why. My guess is that it appeared at the bottom of the pages so it won’t saw by users (I had no control of banner position).

468×60 (%) 120×600 (%) 250×250 (%) 300×250 (%) 798×90 (%)
37.04 7.76 0.00 55.17 0.00

Table 3 – Clicks / banner format

My considerations:

Based in this tiny experiment if I had to advertise again I would go with a pay-per-impression campaign and I’d try to I direct it to my target audience: young men between the age 18 and 34.

Of course advertising doesn’t worth the money expended when your revenue per user is lower than what you’ve invested (my case), but it had the only purpose to make a test and discover the profile of my target.

Expending a little money you could try something similar too in order to discover your target audience.  Once you know the potential clients you can invest in a more aggressive campaign.

What about you? Did you like this experiment? Have you any comments? I’d love to hear from you.

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