Hey, I found out a nice project: Haxe NME

On March 17 read a very interesting post titled The mobile cross-platform developmentĀ headache.

One of its readers suggested a tool named NME. I went to the site and did what I usually do:

I read the entire site, I downloaded some sample code, I compiled it and then I posted some questions on its forum.

I got really amazed with what I came across. NME is a project that allows one to develop games and apps using haxe programming language and then it compiles your project to the native source code used on target platform.

Okay, You may think: so, what? Is it just that?

No. It’s not. What really impressed me is that it’s not just a framework that allow me to develop in one language and generate binaries to many platforms.

It’s a clean framework, the used language is easy to learn (haxe resembles actionscript 3), it’s fast to compile, it has a good documentation and its users base seems very active.

Moreover, the process of generating binaries for each supported platform is the easier I have ever saw. Unbelievably easy.

NME generates binaries for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS (iphone / iPad)
  • WebOS
  • Windows
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Mac
  • HTML 5
  • Flash

I started studying it and hopefully I’ll post some more stuff about it.

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