How to install Adobe Air in Android emulator?

The tool of many that want to develop for Android and that develop for iPhone is the Adobe Air.

Why? Because it lets flash developers take advantage of a knowledge they already have.

And the one of the main doubt theses flash developers have is how to install Adobe Air apk in to Android emulator.

That’s pretty easy.

I’m assuming that you already have both the Android Air / Flex SDK and an Android emulator up and running.

The Adobe Air app apk for Andoid emulator is under the folder

Go to

folder and type

In my case,

That’s it.

If you’re interested into checking whether the Adobe Air apk is really installed into Android emulator, in the emulator go to

You should see the Adobe Air application.

4 thoughts on “How to install Adobe Air in Android emulator?”

  1. I was able to install a sample AIR app to the emulator of an Android
    setup as a APK file, but when I select it, it askes me to install Adobe
    AIR runtime. It takes me to the Android marketplace and I log in but it
    wont let me download it because I dont have an Android phone number
    associated with my account. Is there an AIR runtime APK file that I can
    use to bypass the marketplace? If not, how do I get around the fact
    that the emulator does not have a number and the (555) number that is
    defined in the emulator is not accepted in the Google account
    management? I got some idea from
    but want some detailed information. Thank you.

  2. even after doing all the above stuff when i clicked on my application to run ….. the emulator is asking me to install adobe air by showing a window with some stuff and ‘install’ button and ‘exit’ button

    1. Hi.

      Sorry for the long delay to reply.

      I had this issue with some emulators too and I was unable to fix it. I really don’t know what is happening.

      I successfully installed Adobe Air on Android 2.2 and 2.3.

      Have you tried into any of these?


  3. @ Marcio Andrey Oliveira

    Thanks for your reply yes I am able to install the air by installing runtime.apk from command prompt .now my application is initiating but I got one more issue my application is just showing only an empty view (Login) the text boxes and button are not displayed… i don’t understand perhaps i got it strange. the earlier apk of my app is showing the view but no action is taken place when ‘submit’ button is clicked.

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