How to solve – Blackberry Playbook simulator hangs on start up

Among many platforms, cocos2d-x let us develop for Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry offers a simulator to ease development. Unfortunately my video card is rather old and my VM stops loading at the point shown in picture 1.

Picture 1 – Playbook simulator frozen.

I’ve found an entry on Blackberry support site and many people were complaining about the same problem.

Blackberry staff told they would release a new version that would allow users with old video cards to run simulator and indeed they did it.

The new simulator will let you start it. The only thing you need to do is to enter on safe mode during simulator boot.

And how do you do enter on safe mode on Playbook simulator?

When you start simulator, you will see the message asking you to press ENTER in order to boot options. See picture 2.

Picture 2 – It’s time to press ENTER on simulator

Once you do that you be presented with menu where you can choose either a normal boot mode or safe boot mode. See picture 3.

Picture 3 – Boot options menu

Type 2 (safe mode) and press ENTER.

After that you probably will have your simulator up and running. See picture 4.

Picture 4 – Simulator up and running

I don’t know why but sometimes simulator’s screen gets black and I need to power off / power on the virtual machine.

It’s not an ideal scenario but at least I’m able to develop.

By the way, I’m using VMWare player 3.1.5 build-491717 but it should work with a newer version.

6 thoughts on “How to solve – Blackberry Playbook simulator hangs on start up”

  1. I was wondering if you have been having the same issue as me with porting your apps over to Blackberry. Any time I go into a screen and want to go back to a previous screen I can’t seem to find a way to do it. It seems as if the Blackberry App Player does have an option for the back button like a normal android phone does.

    1. Hi, Christopher.

      I didn’t understand very well what you mean because my English is poor.

      Don’t you know how to navigate between the application in foreground and the others apps?

      I published a video showing how to do it. Hope it helps you.

      Video link is here.

      Let me know whether it helped you.


      1. No sorry. I built an application and on the main screen there are a few menu options. If I select one of them it will bring me to the next screen but if I want to go back to the main menu I can’t. Unlike the android phone there is no “back” button and I don’t see how to go back to the previous screen within the android app player on the playbook.

        1. Hi, Christopher.

          Sorry. I really misunderstood you. 🙁

          I had no problem with back button. Playbook automatically puts a “soft” back button over my screens.

          In this image you can see a bar at the screen bottom. It was automatically placed by Playbook.

          An alternative would be to put a sprite as a back button on screen.

          1. Oh, ok thanks. I tried that and the whole thing just locked up and all I could do was close the application. Maybe its an issue with the code, but I also saw the same thing with the app for StumbleUpon. I’m also using the playbook they sent me, not the virtual machine.

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