How to solve error parsing XML unbound prefix with AdMob

Since the day before yesterday I was trying to integrate AdMob into one of my projects but I was stuck with the errors bellow:

You can see in picture picture 1 that Eclipse / MOTODEV was complaining about AdMob component.

Picture 1 – Error parsing xml layout file that contains AdMob component

Android was unable to process xml layout file and so wasn’t generated.

I made a research on Google and I found out a lot of explanations and solutions but none of them worked for me.

As I didn’t found any solution on Google I decided to take one of the most essential tools a developer must pursue, a copy of the sample code provided by AdMob.

After that it was easy cake to solve the problem.

It was missing the declaration of the following line:

So, the fully functional xml file now looks like Listing 1:

Listing 1 – XML layout file that works with AdMob component.

As far as I understand the URI schema points to places where resources can be found in the apk. ads belongs to AdMob classes that are in package in the folder libs.

If I had done this as my first action, I wouldn’t have expended my time for nothing. Hope it helps.

Please, try my games.

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  1. It seems that you are doing lot of stuff for your games if you have so much recommendations! When will be your next game in the market? 😀

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