How to solve “error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>_”

Sometime ago I installed Ububtu on my brand new machine.

For some reasons I decided to remove Linux and install Windows 7. Everything worked fine until recently when my machine refused to boot showing the error message

This problem was caused because I didn’t removed Grub from MBR (Master Boot Record) and for some unknown reason it got lost.

The solution for this is quite simple.

Just boot using your Windows 7 DVD. Once the Windows 7 installer were up and running click in the restore option in the left bottom corner of the screen.

Once Windows conclude its search for existing installations click in the next button and then select the command prompt option.

In the command prompt type

and hit ENTER button. Wait a few seconds until Windows finish its job. Once you see the command prompt cursor again reboot the machine.

That’s it. Your Windows will work as before.

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