How to solve keytool error unknown format type at

Today I was trying to get the MD5 fingerprint of my signing certificate (the one I use to sign my Android programs).

The command is pretty straight

As my keystore is password protected keytool asked for it. I pasted it and instead of get MD5 as expected I got the following error message:

The problems happened because:

  • I’m using windows 7 set to use a language that contains non ASCII characters (like ‘á’, ‘é’) -> Brazilian Portuguese
  • Password used on keystore contains some specials characters like ‘<‘, ‘`’, ‘/’.

If that’s your case go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language, Region -> change the date, time, or the number format and set format to English (United States). See picture 1.

Picture 1 – Setting Language

Repeat the command shown above and voilà:

Once you’ve generated MD5’s certificate you can rollback to the original language.

Let me know if this post helped you.






5 thoughts on “How to solve keytool error unknown format type at”

  1. hey dude, this post help me a lot, I’ve tried every thing. I’ve saw in another post to change language but only here i realized what is important is change the date format. 
    Thank you very much

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