Income report #6

Hi. This is the sixth of a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.

December 2011 was another great surprise. My earnings from Android games, ads and url shortener all rised.

Income Summary

  • $ 13.48 (+4.54) Ads in my free Android games – It rose 58.78%. It’s not as impressive as 235% but what matter is that it’s rising.This was the best month. You can see the graphics in picture 1.
    Picture 1 – Earnings with my free Android games
  • $2.43 (+0.95) Ads on my web page. My earnings rose 64.18%. See the graphics in picture 2.
    Picure 2 – Earnings with ads on my homepage
  • $0.690580 (+0,029955) Ads from my url shortener– It’s a rise of 4.53%. See the graphics in picture 3. Are you wondering about shortening urls ? Read more about it here.
    Picture 3 – Earnings from my url shortener

I know I’m far from make a living on-line but I’m working on that and at the same time I’m enjoying the process.

I’d like to thank you all you guys who supported me. I’m pretty sure you helped me to improve my earnings.

Can you help me to improve my numbers in the next months? So, please give a try on my games, write about them, ask your friends to give a try on them, tweet this post url and share it on facebook.

You can see all my income reports here.

PS: You can click in the images to see then in full size

2 thoughts on “Income report #6”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the report. I guess you should submit your apps to Amazon app store. For me, I get more downloads from Amazon compared to Android market.

    Regarding outsourcing art, do you outsource art for all your games, what about ‘Morra MatchSticks’? How much you paid for artist for this game? Graphics look really good for this game.

    Thanks for being so open like android.


    1. Hi, Amit.

      I’m already on Amazon but I got almost no downloads from it.

      All arts come from outsourcing. 

      I would write about it in a post:  I ordered graphics for both games (Even or Odd and MatchSticks) at the same time in just one bid.

      It costed me around $160.00. 

      The artist name is Marco Yupanqui. You can find him here.

      Maybe you find this post a useful one  My Fisrt Game – How to outsource art for your game using freelancing sites.

      Feel free to contact me any time.


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