Income report #7

Hi. This is the seventh of a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.

January 2012 shows a drop on all my earnings.

Income Summary

  • $ 7.13 (-6.35) Ads in my free Android games– It diminished 47.11%. This time I didn’t have a good surprise. You can see the graphics in picture 1.Picture 1 – Earnings with my free Android games
  • 0.51 (-1.92) Ads on my web page. My earnings dropped 79.01%. See the graphics in picture 2.

    Picure 2 – Earnings with ads on my homepage
  • $0.670205 (+0,020375) Ads from my url shortener– It’s a rise of 2.95%. See the graphics in picture 3. Are you wondering about shortening urls ? Read more about it here.

    Picture 3 – Earnings from my url shortener

Total earned this month: $ 8.310205

Total earned last month: $ 16.60058

This month I earned $ 8.29 less than in the previous month.

This month I saw a unpleasant reduction on my earnings. Anyhow I won’t give up. It’s just a matter of release more (and better) games.

Can you help me to improve my numbers in the next months? So, please give a try on my games, write about them, ask your friends to give a try on them, tweet this post url and share it on facebook.

You can see all my income reports here.

PS: You can click in the images to see then in full size

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