Marketing: How to show all your apps on Android Market from your Android application.

So you want to put a button in your game / application in order to show all you’ve published so far in the Android Market?

Moreover, do you want to open Android Market application manger to ease installation?

Well, you can just follow what documentation states here. In section Opening the app details page from your Android app there is even a sample code:

I’ve implemented it replacing Your Publisher Name by Plicatibu Software Development Ltda (My company name).

In other words, the command I wrote was

intent.setData(Uri.parse(“market://search?q=pub:Plicatibu Software Development Ltda”));

Then I performed a test and Android Market application manger magically opened, performed the search and… didn’t find anything. It gave me the following message:

After some research and tests I got two options that worked for me:

market://search?q=pub:\”Plicatibu Software Development Ltda\”



Notice the \” surrounding my company name.

So the command

intent.setData(Uri.parse(“market://search?q=pub:Plicatibu Software Development Ltda”));

becames either

intent.setData(Uri.parse(“market://search?q=pub:\”Plicatibu Software Development Ltda\”“));



I recommend the second form because it’s encoded and it will prevent problems with some special characters like &.

I hope it will be useful for you. Any comments are appreciated.

Please, try my games.

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