My Fisrt Game – Choosing the game to be developed

In the last post I wrote how I chose the platform and the framework that I’d use for developing my games. Now I’m going to write how I decide which game I would develop.

I’ve developed softwares for CTI, such as IVRs, dialerssecure authentication, system integration, some web crawlers, among others, but I’ve never developed games.

I no nothing about this. I just know that I like them and I’d like to make my own games.

As I need hand holding with this kind of stuff I decided to start from the simplest game. Bellow are the premises:

  • the game should have a static background. Scrolling will be learned in the future.
  • all sprites should be static. No animation at this point.
  • no sound at all.
  • a single player game. No network. Neither bluetooth nor TCP (wifi, 3G, whatever).
  • the simplest artificial intelligence.

The following are some topics that will be addressed in future games:

  • sprite movement
  • collision detection
  • sound
  • side scrolling
  • side-scrolling shooters
  • side-scrolling racing games
  • scrolling platforms
  • side-scrolling beat ’em ups
  • isometric Games

Pretty restrictive, huh? What game would fit all these restrictions and at the same time be useful as a learning tool?

I decide to develop a game named Even Or Odd. The game rules:

There are two players. One of them is labeled even and the other is designated odd. Both put their hands back and count together to three (sometimes chanting “One, two, three, SHOOT!”).

On three (or “shoot”), both players hold between zero fingers (tight fist) and five fingers (open hand).
If the sum of all fingers are an even number, the player designated as even wins. Otherwise, the odd player wins.

How would I represent this in the game?

I present a screen with 6 images representing from 0 to 5 fingers. When the user touches one of them, the artificial intelligence of the game will generate a random number between 0 and 5, then it will sum the user’s finger with the game’s random number and check whether it’s a even number to say who’s the winner.

Simple like that.

I had two options here: I could either use some images from the net and try to adapt them to my game or I could hire a designer to create graphics to  my game.

The first option is cheaper, but I went with the second one. Why? Because I wanted to use graphics developed by a professional. This way I would learn how to specify and hire a designer.

Any trouble here would cost much less than in a bigger project.

In next post I’ll tell you how I discovered all kind of assets needed.

I’d like to ask you to give a try on my game and post your comments. You can get it here.

You can read the first part of this post here: My Fisrt Game – Introduction

Any comments are welcome. By the way, my English is too poor so you’re welcome to correct me to.

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