Performance monitoring: How could I live without it?

Even Or Odd (my first game) didn’t have any tool in it that let me monitor in its performance. I had to use the awful reports provided by Android market. It’s a rather limited tool. So I tried Distimo monitor.

Distimo monitor is an excellent tool but by its nature it’s not able to provide fine-grained information about users behaviour.

On September 25th I released my second game named MatchSticks. But this time a took care to provide it with abilities to let me monitor almost in real time its use.

In order to accomplish that I’m using Flurry Analytics SDK. It’s free, too easy to integrate with our apps and games and it is small. In a matter of 10 minutes Flurry’s SDK was integrate, up and running.

Now I’m able to know how users interact with my games. I’m planning to use all information gathered to improve my next games and provide a better user experience.

If you don’t use any tool that lets you monitor your application’s performance you may be missing important information. I strongly recommend you to give a try on Flurry Analytics SDK.

All comments are very welcome (even to correct my poor English).

Please, try my games.

4 thoughts on “Performance monitoring: How could I live without it?”

  1. Hi!

    I am not a programmer, but also are looking forward to relize some of my ideas about great app. So maby silly question, but still:

    Does Flurry Analytics share any phone owners data? Is it ok from game players side?


    P.S. Good luck with your apps!

    1. Hi, Armands.

      Some information Flurry acquires automatically. For instance, your location (country + city), your device model, OS version, device’s language, network speed.

      It will tell you how many times your app was installed, how many times users executed you app (a good but brutal way to show you when your app sucks).

      This information let us (developers) to have an idea about users. It let us improve our apps. For instance, let me say I’ve released an app in English and by using Flurry I realize that 70% of all users speak Spanish, so i could release a new app version in Spanish.

      Nice, isn’t it?

      Some other kind of information is up to developers to register. How to we do this?

      Flurry has something called events. Every time I find something I want to monitor I call a function named onEvent passing a string. This string can contain anything so we are able to send almost any kind of information to reports.

      For instance, suppose an application has permission to access your contacts. Its developer could read it and send it to Flurry. 

      Please, take in account that developers don’t need to use Flurry to steal user’s information. A bad guy just need you install his application with internet connection and some others permissions to steal your data.

      Me, for instance, use Flurry to both check user navigation on my app so I can improve game usability and to register when some problem happens during program execution so I can fix it prior an user complain about it.

      The use of Flurry should not be a concern because as I told you developers don’t need to use it to steal user’s information.

      In short, Flurry is like a Google Analytics for mobile devices. By the way, I thing Google Analytics (for WEB) is much more intrusive. With Google Analytics I’m able to see even where on my pages users clicked during site navigation. Did you know that?

      My advice would be to only install applications from people you trust but I know its very difficult to follow it taken in account that there are thousands of developers on market.

      I hope I’ve answered you question. If I haven’t, fell free to get in touch again (Sorry for my bad English).

      1. Thank you very much! I didnt expected that detailed and meaningful reply!

        Can not wait when I will provide my first app and I will be able to analyze it. I should also to get familiar with google analytics to increase my knowledge about all of this.

        Thank you again.

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