Publicizing the site – First attempt

As the owner of a one man enterprise and a wannabe indie developer, I’m in charge of everything: product ideas, development, marketing, site promotion and so on.

One of the worst thing to me is the feeling to be speaking to no one. And, to say the truth, it’s happening right now (well, almost. There are around 3 new unique visitors a day up to now).

But it’s normal as this site is pretty new and there is almost no content. I working hard and as much as I can I publish some stuff here.

But what’s the point to publish and no one knows? So today I created a feed on Feedburner and installed a wordpress plug-in named FD Feedburner. It’s very a very nice plug-in that redirects my main feeds and comment feeds to (surprise…) Feedburner.

But why would I do that? Because Feedburner can do a bunch of useful useful things to you:

  • it serves your feeds.
  • it generate statistics about your feeds.
  • it notifies a lot of sites about your new posts.
  • it can automatically publish your posts to twitter. That includes a link back to them.

The latter two are very good way to spread your word and to help you attract new visitors.

If you didn’t know Feedburner, I strongly recommend you go there and give it a try.

Another plug-in I’ve installed is named WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button. I really don’t know whether it is effective. I’ll remove it later if I realize it’s ineffective.

I’d love to hear about you new ways to attract more visitors.

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