From publisher to advertiser – part 1

Many of you guys who have a site or that developed for mobile (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Playbook, webOS, and so on) know what a publisher is. So do I.

And what about the advertiser role? Do you have ever had this experience? Continue reading “From publisher to advertiser – part 1”

Make money by shortening your urls

For a living I use my skills to develop software (whether mobile or not). This does not mean that I can not or will not add new sources of income.

Quite the contrary. Any new source of income that I can add without it requiring too many time and effort of me is welcome.

The sources of extra income, in my view, need not generate huge amounts of money. They can generate low value. What they can not in any way is to consume my time. Continue reading “Make money by shortening your urls”

Income report #4

Hi. This is the fourth of a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.

This month I have a surprise for you. I have not only one but three sources of income. The first one is my earnings from Android games development.

The second one comes from advertising on the web page. Continue reading “Income report #4”

Income report #1

Bellow is the income report of July, 2011. It’s a little late but at least I’m able to share it.

I’m considering just on-line incomes. At the moment it means only ads revenue generated by my applications.

Pretty bad, isn’t it? That’s because my game didn’t succeeded. Almost no downloads.

Ads provider: InnerActive

Period: July, 2011.

You can see all my income reports here.

Please, try my games.