How to add a splashscreen to Android applications

In this post I’m showing you how to add a simple splash screen to you application / game.

You need the splashscreen file, a layout file and to modifiy AndroidManifest.xml accordinly.  All this will be provided here. Continue reading “How to add a splashscreen to Android applications”

JNI crash course tutorial – Part 1


JNI is a knowledge anyone developing games with cocos2d-x must have. As I don’t known it enough to feel comfortable with the theme so I started studying it myself.

During my learning process I like to take notes and share what I’m discovering. This post aims to be an introductory text on JNI. I will try to teach you the basics so you can understand how it works and how to integrate your own Java / native code (C/C++).

It is essential when developing games for Android using cocos2d-x.

There are 2 scenarios when it comes to JNI:

  • Java code calling native code (C/C++)
  • Native code (C/C++) calling Java code.

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How to install Motorola Xoom emulator

Motorola offers a bunch of emulators whose skins look like their real devices.

Technically they’re not needed in order to develop / test your android applications. You could stick with default android emulators.
I personally prefer to use emulators with skins of real devices so I feel happier 🙂

Today I tried to install Motorola ZOOM’s emulator and I faced a small problem: for XOOM, Motorola offers just a skin. In this post I will tell you the problem I faced and the solution. Continue reading “How to install Motorola Xoom emulator”

Marketing: How to show all your apps on Android Market from your Android application.

So you want to put a button in your game / application in order to show all you’ve published so far in the Android Market?

Moreover, do you want to open Android Market application manger to ease installation? Continue reading “Marketing: How to show all your apps on Android Market from your Android application.”