How to install Adobe Air in Android emulator?

The tool of many that want to develop for Android and that develop for iPhone is the Adobe Air.

Why? Because it lets flash developers take advantage of a knowledge they already have.

And the one of the main doubt theses flash developers have is how to install Adobe Air apk in to Android emulator.

That’s pretty easy. Continue reading “How to install Adobe Air in Android emulator?”

How to install Motorola Xoom emulator

Motorola offers a bunch of emulators whose skins look like their real devices.

Technically they’re not needed in order to develop / test your android applications. You could stick with default android emulators.
I personally prefer to use emulators with skins of real devices so I feel happier 🙂

Today I tried to install Motorola ZOOM’s emulator and I faced a small problem: for XOOM, Motorola offers just a skin. In this post I will tell you the problem I faced and the solution. Continue reading “How to install Motorola Xoom emulator”