How to became a facebook registered developer?

I’m having a hard time trying to register myself as a facebook developer.

I tried to create an app and an error message said I needed to verify my account prior to became a developer.

It is necessary to have an mobile phone or a credit to verify you account and them become a developer on facebook.

When you select to use you mobile phone they provide you a number. You send an SMS to this number and they will send you a code. Then you insert this code on facebook’s page and if they match you get verified.

This was the method I’ve selected. I  accomplished successfully  the verification process and then I tried again to create an app.

To my surprise facebook complained again saying I needed to verify me account. But going to page facebook tells me my phone is verified. So I’m stuck at this and I cannot proceed.

The worst thing? I’ve wrote on and to its support but up to now there is no answer. In the forum, by the way, there are many people with exactly the same problem.

Do you know how to solve this problem? If you know what to do, please Tell me!