How to solve “error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>_”

Sometime ago I installed Ububtu on my brand new machine.

For some reasons I decided to remove Linux and install Windows 7. Everything worked fine until recently when my machine refused to boot showing the error message

This problem was caused because I didn’t removed Grub from MBR (Master Boot Record) and for some unknown reason it got lost.

The solution for this is quite simple.
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Development Enviroment

A power surge later, not only I had to buy a new no-break, a new power supply and a new HD but I had to reinstall all my programs.

As I develop for both Windows and Linux platforms, I install both operating systems on my machine. To easy my work I have a list of all I have to install to make my life easier.

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How to develop games for iPhone without a Mac


Many people would like to develop for iPhone, iPad and Mac but don’t have enough money to buy a Mac (me included). Continue reading “How to develop games for iPhone without a Mac”

How to debug cocos2d-x and Java code using Eclipse

In the post Developing with cocos2d-x for android on Linux I told you how to compile your cocos2d-x and run it on Eclipse.

Now I’m going to tell you how to debug both cocos2d-x native code and Java using MOTODEV Studio for Android (You can use the instructions provided here with plain Eclipse with some extra effort).

Despite the fact I’m writing with cocos2d-x in mind, what I’m going to present here will let you debug any kind of native code mixed with Android / java.

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