Annual income report – 2012

It’s the earnings report of my first year. Well, in July 2011 I published my first game (Even Or Odd), and on November 2011 I released my Second games (Morra MatchSticks). Both run on Android. Continue reading “Annual income report – 2012”

From publisher to advertiser – part 1

Many of you guys who have a site or that developed for mobile (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Playbook, webOS, and so on) know what a publisher is. So do I.

And what about the advertiser role? Do you have ever had this experience? Continue reading “From publisher to advertiser – part 1”

How to install and configure NME on MS Windows

My intention here is to help you install and configure HaxeNME for Windows.

First of all, go here and download and install FlashDevelop. You may not have the intention to release Flash games but you will need it for debugging. Continue reading “How to install and configure NME on MS Windows”

I won a Playbook from RIM

Some time ago I received the following e-mail form RIM:

Man, I couldn’t believe in that.

It must be a spam or something like that was my first thought.

Anyway I filled out the form with my address and today I received my brand new Playbook.

Wow. I’m very excited about that.

I want to say thank you RIM. Thank you a lot.

And the best way to say thank you is developing as much games and apps for Playbook as possible. And that is what I’m going to do 😉

How to solve – Blackberry Playbook simulator hangs on start up

Among many platforms, cocos2d-x let us develop for Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry offers a simulator to ease development. Unfortunately my video card is rather old and my VM stops loading at the point shown in picture 1.

Picture 1 – Playbook simulator frozen.

Continue reading “How to solve – Blackberry Playbook simulator hangs on start up”