WordPress Arcade Theme – ArcadeBB v4.0.3 (FREE)

ArcadeBB is a great arcade sites theme for WordPress.

Unfortunately its development ceased some years ago.

Nevertheless this fact, many people still are looking for it. If you’re one of these people, you’re a lucky guy. I have it. Continue reading “WordPress Arcade Theme – ArcadeBB v4.0.3 (FREE)”

How to create your own plugins for your Ruby programs

In the post How to add your own scripts to Ruby loader path and solve load errors I solved a very annoying problem for newbies (like me).

With that issue addressed I continued to develop my project. It basically is composed by a main file that loads all scripts from lib sub-folder and executes some methods. Continue reading “How to create your own plugins for your Ruby programs”

How to solve WordPress Error file type not permitted for security reasons

Today I tried to upload an Android apk file and I got the following error:

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Developing with cocos2d-x for android on Linux

These days I came across a project named cocos2d-x. It’s a port of cocos2d game engine to C++ that allow us to use the same source code to generate versions for iPhone, Android, MS Window (32 bits) and WoPhones.

In the wiki they explain how to develop for Android on both environments: MS Windows and MacOS.

On Windows you will need to install Cygwin. In my opinion, it’s not a good solution.

Cygwin will occupy a lot of space (around 2.6GB), it’s to slow to compile and it’s hard to debug android’s native code. It’s so hard that folks on cocos2d-x recommends you to develop you game for Windows and after that it gets up and running you compile it for android.

I love to develop on Linux, so when I decided to give a try on cocos2d-x I set up a Linux environment.

It’s what this post is about: how to compile cocos2d-x for android using a Linux distribution (as you may already guessed by the title of this post).
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Adding emulators to MOTODEV Studio for Android

MOTODEV Studio for Android is an Eclipse IDE customized by Motorola to ease the development of Android applications.

One could use the Eclipse + Google’s ADT plugin but I think MOTODEV Studio is far better than Eclipse IDE + ADT Plugin solution.

In this post I will show you how to

  • download Motorola-specific handset emulators
  • add emulators to the development environment
  • configure emulators in order to run them at the same size than real devices

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Publicizing the site – First attempt

As the owner of a one man enterprise and a wannabe indie developer, I’m in charge of everything: product ideas, development, marketing, site promotion and so on.

One of the worst thing to me is the feeling to be speaking to no one. And, to say the truth, it’s happening right now (well, almost. There are around 3 new unique visitors a day up to now).

But it’s normal as this site is pretty new and there is almost no content. I working hard and as much as I can I publish some stuff here.

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