WordPress Arcade Theme – ArcadeBB v4.0.3 (FREE)

ArcadeBB is a great arcade sites theme for WordPress.

Unfortunately its development ceased some years ago.

Nevertheless this fact, many people still are looking for it. If you’re one of these people, you’re a lucky guy. I have it.

As it was a free theme I put it available here.

Note: It’s the original zip downloaded earlier from arcadebb . com (now this site is offline) and it contains ad codes included by author for the demo. So, before installation make sure that all ad codes has been removed. Also Attached is the Emanuele Feronato mochi plugin and saved pages with installation instructions (take a look at 1st page).

It may have a new version of Emanuele Feronato mochi plugin that may or may not be compatible with this version of ArcadeBB.

Note 2: You can also download the ArcadeBB manual for version 4.0.3

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